Pouyan R. Fard, Founder & CEO

Nature. Music.Travel. Photography. 

When I started my journey in data science, I was so passionate about this field. I tried to take every online course, and learn about every technical skill I could. That was before I landed my first data science job, and I was always feeling that I am chasing a goal that is far away from me. I had the feeling that it is so hard to land the first data science job. 

One day, I found out that companies are also facing challenges in finding qualified data scientists in the job market. I started thinking if there is so much shortage of skilled talent in the job market, why am I not getting so many interviews? And this opened a new door for me. 

I started networking with every data science professional and found how many opportunities are out there that you cannot merely find in job boards. I learned from every person whom I talked with. And I started to have a clear branding strategy for my data science profile. 

And it worked! the companies started coming to me instead of me going to them. A couple of years after breaking into the data science consulting industry, I now run my consulting agency in data science, offering high-ticket services to global corporations. 

My success in data science inspired me also to help others to find their way. My goal is to teach aspiring data scientists the soft skills they need, besides their technical skills, to become a highly-paid data science professional. The outcomes of years of coaching data science talents have now become the Data Science Circle program. 

Data Science Circle shows you the ultimate road-map to your data science and AI career growth. We believe that finding a job that fits your ambitions is not only about your technical skills but also soft skills. Data Science is a hot career path in the 21st century, and you should be well-equipped in terms of communication and presentation skills. 

By giving step-by-step instructions, we help you to get your first data science job and grow your career at the same fast pace that this industry is moving. You can be confident that you will be valued in the job market, and you will be an in-demand industry professional. 

The transformation starts from one decision, and that is to decide to actively begin your growth journey in data science until you land your first industry job and keep growing further even after that...  

Meet the DSC Team

Mihaela Vacari, Marketing & Recruitment Consultant

Books, traveling, photography

Shreyas Shinde, Data Science Mentor

Camping, hiking, sports, video games

Prognya Ghosh, Digital Marketing Consultant

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How can aspiring data scientists stand out from the crowd? 

Get your copy of the ultimate guide to becoming a top data scientist in 2020!

Ultimate data science guide

Get your copy of the ultimate guide to becoming a top data scientist in 2020!

Ultimate data science guide