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Live webinars

Learn about the latest topics in data science and how to adapt to an ever-changing industry, navigate the trends to win those top jobs, and find the best opportunities. 

Each live webinar discusses a topic that helps you to grow your data science career. 

Usually, including a Q&A session, in which you ask your questions and receive personalized advice directly from us, these webinars are an invaluable addition to your career journey. 

Premium Programs

Master Classes

Accelerate your job search by attending workshops that give you useful tips to improve your profile, crack your interview, or build your expertise in data science. Our masterclasses give you hands-on group exercises tackling multiple different tasks like re-writing your resume, amongst many others. Through our coaching and effective team-work, you will get instant and game-changing results to drive your career forward efficiently.  

Private Coaching

Private Coaching

Get personalized advice when you need it the most.  

Often, people encounter a situation in their job search that requires a bit more of a personal approach to becoming successful. With private coaching, you eliminate the need for trial-and-error and get the right answers to your questions when you need it.  

Our premium done-for-you services give you a shiny resume, a killer recruiters pitch, and an compelling presentation for your interviews, or even just negotiation skills that get you whatever you desire for that next role.  

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