"Data Science Circle changed things for my job search rapidly; I landed my senior-level data science job while getting a 40% raise on my salary in a matter of 3 months!"

ANANT VEMURI, PHD | Senior System Engineer @ Pentax

Niousha Hormozi

Data Scientist @ German Edge Cloud

"Career training with DSC has helped me to find my place as a candidate and communicate with the employers much more confidently. Pouyan has helped me to polish my resume and provided me with trusted referrals that immediately got me interviews. I got an offer with a 50% higher salary to work in a great company and on interesting projects that motivate me."


Senior Developer @ SAP

"I was hired on the spot just a few days after joining DSC! Pouyan provided me with valuable insights that changed my view on how the hiring process works. Data Science Circle contributed to complement my technical skills on the side of soft skills and cracking the interviews. It worked for me rapidly!"

Mohit Rana


Engineering Specialist @ Bosch

"Data Science Circle has provided me with a top-quality resume and personal branding advice. Pouyan's coaching has helped me to leverage my many years of experience in machine learning research and get multiple interviews. Besides, DSC's referral to their large recruitment network helped me to get multiple job offers in a matter of 3 months and to find my ideal job."


Consultant @ DRA Consulting 

"Data Science Circle has supported me by providing insights about how to incorporate data science into my current background and work experience and develop my long-term career strategy. The coaching that Pouyan provided was a game-changer for my decision making and I would totally recommend his services."

Alessandro Nesti


Senior Data Scientist @ Swiss Data Science Center

"I got my first data science job 1 month after Data Science Circle gave me well-crafted personal advice. Since then, I was able to quickly move upward in the job market and get to senior data scientist role in about 1 year. The Data Science Circle methodology helped me and I believe it will work for others too!"  

Czuee Morey


Data Science Consultant @ Wega Informatik 

"Data Science Circle has given me step-by-step instructions that I could follow to position myself for a top-level data science role. They provide strategies & soft skills training specific to my situation. Thanks to Data Science Circle, I am getting a lot of new opportunities in my career." 

Rahim Malekshahi


Big Data Science @ Bosch Siemens

"The strategies Data Science Circle is providing are based on deep knowledge of job seekers' journey and also job market needs. Pouyan is an outstanding mentor who knows how to inspire and prepare individuals to meet new challenges, highly recommended."

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